2019 Winter Wonderland Medallion Hunt 
Rules Highlights

(Complete Rules at Owatonna.com and at the People’s Press Office January 1, 2019)

One prize of $500 (in the form of Owatonna Chamber Bucks – good at over 400 area businesses), will be awarded to the person  who finds and turns in the medallion for verification by Monday noon, 1/28/19. Prize awarded after verification.
Increase the Prize to $750 if you claim the prize with a pre-registered Bold and Cold button!!
  • Read your Owatonna People’s Press, January 22 edition, for the 1st Clue and any updates to the hunt.
  • Clues will appear daily at 10:00 am each morning starting January 22nd at boldcoldowatonna.com, Owatonna.com & on People's Press Social Media sites.
  • The medallion will be found on public land within city limits. Medallion will NOT be hidden under any skating surface, on a golf course, under any mowed grass area, artificial turf surface or at any cemetery or construction site. Medallion will NOT be hidden in or on any private residence - but it may be in a public right of way. Seekers will not need to climb or dig in order to find Medallion. 
  • A daily "hint" will appear each day at 10:00 am on Owatonnamotorcompany.com These “Hints” will help you decipher the clues – don’t miss checking these out every day!
  • If you find the medallion, PROMPTLY return it to people’s Press Office, 135 Pearl Street, to qualify for your Chamber Bucks prize. 
  • Contact People’s Press with questions: 507-451-2840
  • Good luck to all!