2019 Medallion Hunt sponsored by 

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**The 2019 Bold & Cold Medallion has been found!

Medallion Hunt Clues

Clue #1

For those who would join this, our quest Bold & Cold
And seek the Medallion of which you’ve been told –
A grail, if you will, for this frozen event
That Owatonna Motor Company and People’s Press now present.

If you are the one to uncover this treasure,
The 500 “c-notes” in Chamber bucks shall you measure!
So watch every day for the clues and the hints,
And follow these rules when off you’ve been sent.

This adventure shall take you places high, places low,
But look only on public land when you go.
Many hiding spots exist within Owatonna proper,
So view clues and view hints if you wish to prosper.

Use rakes, hoes and hand tools to move snow and ice –
But no shoveling or digging! To city grounds please be nice!
Keep one last thing in mind for a guess that is right:
Check for hints every day on the Owatonna Motor Company website.

Hint #1

Clue #2

The medallion you seek for this Bold & Cold function
Is positioned not far from some quite harried junctions,
Yet nestled it is in a peaceful serenity
That at first you won’t notice the busy vicinity.
It lies in this state, though that never will last.
So seekers take note in a blast from the past.
Hint #2

Clue #3

The land is not flat where the treasure is found,
But rolls low to high in valleys and mounds.
It reminds one of when Greeley spake the direction
A young man should go. He made his selection
From four corners of earth, but chose only one.
In that corner you likewise will set like the sun.

Hint #3

Clue #4

The place that you seek bears a bit of a Twist,
It’s a dickens to find, if you don’t get the gist.
It’s not far from the din caused by route five times seven,
And lurks in the shadows of eight and eleven.
And not far there’s a place meant for those of gold age,
And the bard would be happy, for the world is a stage.
But if these you have reached, you have journeyed too far
If through the front entrance you have come in your car.

Hint #4
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