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Clue #4

The medallion’s location’s a great mystery
That’s easily solved if you know history.

Not the type you discover by reading a book
But is there to be seen if you just take a look.

Gutenberg’s progeny, Rockefeller’s, too,
Border the south of this great rendezvous
Where the prize may be found, though in there it won’t last.

So seekers take note in a blast from the past.

For in days long ago you will find your bonanza
And surely discover the extravaganza.

Look north from that south point. It hides in your glance,
`Cross the road it is hidden near that once stately manse.
Hint #3

Clue #3

In the cold winter days there are only a few
Who saunter the grounds when there’s little to do.

But in days that are warmer, from May to September,
The visitors throng to see things they remember,
And discover, perhaps, a few things yet unknown.

That chance to discover should now set the tone
For those who are looking to find our great prize.
On a leisurely walk you should open your eyes.
Hint #2

2020 Medallion

Clue #2

Dihydrogen monoxide towers on high
And casts its long shadow to places nearby.

When the shadow’s just right it rests over the spot
Where the treasure you’re seeking is there to be sought.

But alas, there are several in town to be found,
And many locales where their shadows touch ground.

So finding the right one may pose quite a test —
A crucible surely that will challenge the best.
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Clue #1

You have come, once again, to our quest Bold & Cold
To seek the medallion of which you’ve been told —

A grail, if you will, for this frozen event
That Owatonna Motor Company and People’s Press now present.
If find you the prize from where’er it doth hide,
`Tis worth more than just a justified pride.

Five hundred-buck card from the Chamber is yours
Because you have listened and done all your chores
And followed the rules when off you’ve been sent
After ciphering clues and reading the hints.

Places high you shall travel and, too, places low,
But only upon public land should you go.

Use rakes, hoes and hand tools to move snow and ice,
But no shoveling or digging. To the grounds please be nice.

Yet no digging is needed for it rests above ground,
Just waiting discovery. It longs to be found.

One last thing keep in mind for a guess that is right:
Check for hints every day on the Owatonna Motor Company website.